The Witness Post (TWP) took birth on a winter night, in a small hotel room, somewhere in Srinagar, when a group of likeminded journalists met over a casual cup of tea. Since that evening, a lot of hard-work, brainstorming and sleepless nights went into the making of TWP. The idea, on that evening, and even now, is not to change or challenge any particular narrative or create a new one, but to simply offer news, views and analysis of events happening in Kashmir, and other parts of the world. Like all great things, TWP will also take shape gradually, and grow on its own in a universe free from bias towards any person or institution, or region etc.

We know the path we have chosen is full of challenges and hardships.  But when we have able journalists as our mentors, and budding professionals part of our team, we are sure to face them with a smile.

So, here we go…cheers to TWP